What is Coaching?

ICC Strategies provide coaching as a partnership with clients in a thought- provoking and create process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Professional coaching is an interactive process that assists and encourages individuals and organizations to improve their performance and achieve extraordinary results. As a professional coach, I work with clients in all areas, including business, career, finance, health, and relationships. As a result of professional coaching, clients are able to set their goals, manage relations better, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully utilize their natural strengths.

Executive & Personal Coaching

Accelerate Your Success

Your effectiveness as an executive is inextricably tied to your ability to lead and motivate your team.

Being a leader requires a whole new mindset. It’s easier to recognize performance gaps in others rather than finding those gaps in ourselves. But great leaders recognize the importance of continued improvement and support the concept of a learning organization. Only recently have individuals and organizations recognized that their long-term success is directly linked to the quality of their leaders.

Isn't it time you to set your leadership development plans in motion? Remember: Success comes when we take action.

My consultation process will give you:

  • High Potential Development
  • Career Planning/Personal Development
  • Strength Development
  • Goal & Priority Setting

Training & Development

High Value Learning

Training and development -- or "learning and development" as many refer to it now -- is one of the most important aspects to our lives and our work. In our culture, we highly value learning. Yet, despite our having attended many years of schooling, many of us have no idea how to carefully design an approach to training and development.

The many benefits of Training and Development:

  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods
  • Increased innovation in strategies and products
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Enhanced company image, e.g., conducting ethics training
  • Risk management, e.g., training about sexual harassment, diversity training

Developmental Coaching

Empower Your Employees

Developmental Coaching represents the last frontier of coaching. It is the point where employees are more fully functional. It is where you do the final "tuning" in terms of helping create complete trust, total responsibility, and entrepreneurial partners in your operation. You are doing a type of coaching that encourages the employee to take more and wiser risks, engage in more self expression, and discover what lasting contribution they can make. This is a confidence-building process and a creative stage for employees. It gives them a chance to define a personal mission beyond simple organizational advancement. The beauty of developmental coaching is that it doesn't require advancement and promotion. What you are doing is maximizing their self-esteem.

Human Resources Consulting

Streamline to Success

ICC Strategies assists organizations in developing and streamlining their Human Resources functions and processes in order to achieve a secure working environment and more productive work force.

An organization’s best defense against the potential expense of litigation is to proactively review its Human resources policies, procedures and other functions. Through a range of services readily customized to meet your individual company needs, ICC Strategies can assist with this review and provide all that you need to try to protect your company, including the requisite training and policy development.

Process Improvement Consulting

Find Your Competitive Advantage

ICC Strategies believes that operational excellence is a valuable competitive differentiator available to an organization because it is both a source of competitive strength and of cost and cash benefits. Managed well, operational excellence can achieve significant and measurable performance improvements by focusing on the levers that improve flexibility and speed to market, quality and reliability, and customer value. However operational excellence is not simply about doing the same things better.

While it does include the disciplines of simplification and standardization as well as the elimination of waste, waiting time and rework, it’s important to note that operational excellence also addresses the way the business is set up and how the work is executed on a day-to-day basis. In addition, technology is a key change factor driving the need for operational excellence.

The challenge is that powerful change factors such as these regularly outstrip management’s abilities to respond; their organizations are not operated and governed with the focus and rigor needed to deal with the current complexities. As a result, many leaders today find it difficult to operate their businesses effectively and efficiently. Let us help you find your competitive advantage.

Leadership Development

See the Possibilities

Leadership. Competence. Skills development. These are words that progressive organizations don't just mouth - they develop. Because they know allocating time and resouces towards developing their leaders is critically important -- for present and future success.

My consultation process will give you:

  • Talent Identification
  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Development of Talent
  • Succession Planning

Organizational Development Consulting

Build Long-term Success

Due to our turbulent global economy, pursuing effective corporate change continues to be at the forefront of senior management's attention and responsibility. Yet incredibly, organizations continue to resort to quick-fix, single solution approaches that rarely, if ever, result in long-term success. A more integrated approach is needed.

My consultation process will give you:

  • Cultural & Behavioral Development
  • Cultural & Team Assessments
  • Change Management